This was a large project to refurbish an en suite, upstairs family bathroom and downstairs cloakroom within the Mearnskirk area. The family bathroom was a good size with storage but age was getting the better of the room and it was beginning to look a bit tired and dated. Our customer chose a lovely warm beige tile in gloss and this was used throughout the room. A centre bath was installed, with co-ordinating bath mounted central taps as well as a concealed flexi shower hose (far right on picture). The bath was boxed in and framed all round and then tiled along the complete front side, with a discreet tiled access point. A storage ducket was incorporated into spare space at the end of the bath, edged in chrome trim. Tiling was taken right into the window area and again, edged in superior chrome trim to co-ordinate the overall look on that side of the room. The position of the bath was changed to another wall and this allowed a separate quadrant shower to be installed as well within the room